I've spent a good chunk of my life telling stories in one form or another. What time I didn't spend telling stories was spent reading them. I could consume good books at a rate that would have bankrupted my parents if I didn't know where the library was! David likes the story of my 8 year old self declaring I…

Encouragement is like oxygen to the soul. -- Julie Mullins

Design determines destiny. -- Chris Hodges


I sat outside on the hammock tonight, ignoring the incessant clatter of my to-do list. Since launching our new company (have you seen our Visual Creatives website yet? We're really pleased with it!) these moments have been few and far between. Travel, connecting, doing, creating: these are the new words of my days. But not tonight. Tonight I sat and…

Just a moment in time… Q LA

Walking home from a film viewing tonight David and I saw a homeless (?) man going through a garbage can on the street corner. He looked pleased as he pulled a book from the trash. It was a Q group study booklet. The title was "Engaging Culture in a Post-Modern World." He put the book in his backpack and wandered off. There was something surreal about the moment. I'm still wondering what he thought about the message of the book.

Q LA Day One

If only you could see me now. I am sitting, staring, watching my computer screen do nothing. My mind looks like it has turned to mush, but it hasn't. Perhaps a better metaphor would be this: my mind is whirling the multi-colored wheel of overload that you see on your Mac sometimes. In my past experience that wheel of "death" as we call it in our house comes just before a major system shut down. Yes, that's an accurate metaphor.…

Why I go to the Q conference

  [caption id="attachment_1926" align="alignnone" width="930"] Stay tuned for my updates from the Q conference![/caption] Every year or two David and I drop everything to attend the Q conference. Q stands for Question. And it is, indeed, the questions raised while we are there that keep us coming back year after year. The conference itself is set up something like a Ted talk, with rapid-fire presentations lasting 18 or 9 minutes. Each presentation relates to one channel of cultural connection (science,…

Spring Day

We had a great day wandering through Boston with friends. How is it possible that yesterday was icy cold and we watched the sky for snow? Today was crystal clear and soaring into the 60's. It was perfect. Life is like that, too. We can stand on the pit of despair one minute, and the next minute God shows up. I saw it happen last night for a friend of mine. Resurrection. That's the key.