Coffee with a mission: Impact Coffee

I recently heard about a great initiative to teach urban youth the business and entrepreneurial skills they will need to get a good income-producing job. Partnering with the Urban Youth Impact, these kids are running a coffee company. It is called Impact Coffee. They have chosen a sister village in Ethiopia, are importing fair trade, organic Ethiopian coffee, and are establishing a coffee business and online coffee sales. I’m hoping to get together with Leo Abdella, Christ Fellowship’s missions director, to learn more about this intriguing program. In the meantime, here’s the website. Keep checking back to see what these young and feisty entrepreneurs come up with!

By Marla Saunders

I am passionately devoted to living my life in the places God has given me. Over the years those places have changed: from homeschooler to businesswoman, from consumer to storyteller. These days I'm focusing on building a new business and figuring out what it means to do everything with integrity and informed by faith.