Changing my perspective

Change of pace + Change of place = Change of perspective

–Mark Batterson, Wild Goose Chase

A week or so ago I wrote about this quote, and this week I got to experience it! David and I flew to Boston to do a little business, but mostly spend the weekend with my mom and then fly her back to Florida with us. As a result, we got to slow our pace down and take some time to ponder life. It’s a good discipline, and as Mark Batterson promised, it certainly leads to a change of perspective. So here are a few rambling musings from the past few days…

  • Friday night we went to see the Boston Celtics play against the Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Garden. Wait…is that what it’s called now? No… the TD Banknorth Garden or some such foolishness. Which is my point: you can monkey with the name all you want and it is still the Boston Garden. Think about that when you are busy naming churches and renaming churches and renaming programs within a church.
  • We had dinner with our lawyer and her husband before the game, who we met for the first time. It was kind of like seeing your first grade teacher outside of the classroom. Kind of shocking and a little odd. We really, really enjoyed their company. Which immediately made me think of the change of perspective quote. We changed the place, we changed the pace and we found a friend? (Wait…if she turns into a friend how does she bill by the hour…and if you pay the bill, are you paying for companionship?) Anyway, we ate in the North End of Boston at a little Italian restaurant called Mama Maria’s. It is across the square from Paul Revere’s house. I feel like we should pay rent on Paul’s house, we’ve visited it so many times in the last two summers! Great coffee on the walk — yes, walk — to Boston Garden. Gotta love a walkable city!
  • My favorite observation of the night was the slightly elderly man who sat in front of us during the game reading his newspaper with foam earplugs in his ears. He’d look up once in awhile, sometimes put the paper down. What brought him out to a Celtics game in fairly high-priced seats? Did he enjoy the camaraderie?
  • After the game, everyone was wandering around downtown Boston in a great mood. It felt more like a village than a city. Loved that. I loved being part of it.
  • Another night we had my mom and the mother of my best friend from high school over to our condo. We just served pizza and ice cream, but to each of these ladies it was a night to remember. Well, it was a night my best friend’s mom, Grace, will remember. She rarely gets asked into people’s homes anymore. How easy is it, people, to order pizza and invite two lonely ladies in for a couple of hours?
  • We watched Todd Mullins preach an amazing, back-to-basics sermon on who Jesus is this morning at Christ Fellowship. During and after the internet-streamed service we participated in David Helbig’s Skype chats and found a whole new Christ Fellowship congregation we barely knew existed! The leader of the online chat is based in Germany. So cool. By the way, we hear there were over 100 first time decisions for Christ in the 11 o’clock service. Thanks, God!
  • Afterwards, David and I wandered up the north shore of Boston to Marblehead, where we spent the Fourth of July with Tim and Beth Popadic and Tim’s brother Mark Popadic and wife Rachel. We just wandered the little streets, then drove on to Gloucester and Rockport. I threw a Rockport picture at the top of the post just so you could see how quaint and amazing it was on this, our only sunny day.
  • I’ll throw more pictures from Rockport and Harvard Square up on Dancing Thru her Daddy’s World.
  • Finished the day and our trip with dinner at a local hotel with my mom and sister–in-law. We used to stay in this hotel a lot during the days when my dad was sick and for the first year after he passed away. We also threw mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary there, months before my dad died. It was good to sit in that place and realize how faithful God has been to us. Not only do we have my dad’s legacy, but God has helped us navigate the waters every day since then. He doesn’t always give us the answers we want ahead of time, but he does always answer.
By Marla Saunders

I am passionately devoted to living my life in the places God has given me. Over the years those places have changed: from homeschooler to businesswoman, from consumer to storyteller. These days I'm focusing on building a new business and figuring out what it means to do everything with integrity and informed by faith.