My Christmas Card


Have you wondered where my Christmas card is this year?

I have to admit that my Christmas Card history is shaky at best. So many years have come and gone, years when the hustle and bustle just hustles the plan to send cards right out the window. But most years I do try to get that yearly note out to family and friends.

Not this year. This year I intentionally didn’t send my cards. Know why? Because they cost roughly $200 dollars to send. And this year, Christmas has a whole new meaning. David, Kylie, Jillian and I are joining with another family to build a well for Christmas this year. Not in our back yard (though quite honestly we have a well in our back yard and could probably do with another!). We are partnering with Charity: Water to build a well for a village that needs fresh, clean water. And that $200? That money translates into fresh water for 10 people for their lifetime. Or a portion of a well for a whole village.

Want to see how close we are to achieving our goal? Go to our website at My Charity: Water. We named our group the Conspiracy Theory, since we are raising this money as part of the Advent Conspiracy project for celebrating Christmas in a whole new way.

It is now the night before Christmas. And you know what? We’ve had a lot of fun with our family this year. We’ve gone boating, we’ve gone on trips to Disney World to soak in the season. We’ve hosted game playing nights for our family and friends, and we’ve spent far less time in the mall. It’s been a great Christmas. Next year I’m hoping to take the conspiracy to a whole new level, and I hope you’ll join me.

So from our house to yours, consider this your Christmas card. And Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas.

By Marla Saunders

I am passionately devoted to living my life in the places God has given me. Over the years those places have changed: from homeschooler to businesswoman, from consumer to storyteller. These days I’m focusing on building a new business and figuring out what it means to do everything with integrity and informed by faith.