• A new generation of farmers is combining technology with traditional farming methods

Farming is making a comeback!

One of the perks of my job is getting to dive into our client’s businesses during the course of our work with them. I love our Discovery Process where we lead the clients through really fun exercises that lead to deep insights about their industry and their brand. In the process, our team gets to learn details about another industry from the inside out.

A favorite client of ours has been Farm Credit of Florida. It turns out that the Farm Credit system was established by the government back in 1916 to provide stability and financing to the agricultural industry. Nearing 100 now, Farm Credit has seen a lot of ups and down is in the business. And in Florida, apparently, times are good for farmers! From timberland to cattle grazing, farming is a good business investment in this state.

In recent years there has been a rise in multi-generational farming down here. Just when I thought family farming was dead! Nope! The next generation — the adults in their 20’s and 30’s — are coming back to the family farm and integrating new technology with their parent’s farming methods. Somehow this makes me happy, thinking about something so traditional adapting to the next generation and going strong.

Filming the local farms, however, made me realize that farming isn’t exactly what I had pictured. At least it isn’t in Florida! There were no red barns in sight, and the crops were grown under amazingly strict regulations. Did you know there are no animals allowed on a farm growing food products? Even birds are technically prohibited, though apparently there is no way to enforce the bird regulation. I also saw an errant alligator who technically wasn’t allowed to live in his canal…but who am I to complain?

So thankful to Whitworth Farms for opening up their fields to our team. Of all the video projects Visual Creatives has produced, this is my favorite.

Farm Credit of Florida — We Are Ag

And while you are in the farming mood, watch this trailer from the new Farmland movie!

FARMLAND Teaser Trailer 2014 from Farmland on Vimeo.

Coffee Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach

It was inevitable that I would find this.

In 1732, Johann Sebastian Bach turned a humorous poem by Picander into what’s become known as the Coffee Cantata. It’s original title was “Be Quiet, Don’t Chatter.”

“Ah! Coffee, how lovely this is,

Sweeter than a thousand kisses,

Mellower than muscatel.

Coffee, Coffee, I crave it dearly;

And should someone wish to cheer me,

Take my cup and fill it well!”